Windows Phone – 7 Minute Workout


Inspired By

This app is inspired by the 7 Minute Workout that was originally published in ACSM’S Health & Fitness Journal and then covered by the NYTimes.

The 7 minutes workout for women or men, based on the training principle of “Higher intensity and lower frequency”, is a sure-fire way to get sexy, flat and firm abdominal muscles.

Application Features

  • 7 minute workout contains 12 exercise which is jumping jacks, wall sit, push ups, abdominal crunches, step-up onto chair, squats, bench dips, plank, high knees, lunge, push-up and rotation and side plank
  • Customize Rest time & Exercise ( Default Exercise Time = 30 Second & Rest Time= 10 Second for each)
  • Easy to modify images & poses of exercise
  • Sound support to start & stop exercise
  • Beautiful character and UI design
  • Workout Log
  • Pause and Resume exercise
  • Beautiful UI and Easy to Customize
  • No Internet connection requirement
  • Admob Integrated

What You Get

  • Full Native Source Code
  • Full Document to make change
  • AdMod DLL included
  • PSD graphics included
  • PNG Files included

File Included

  • C#, XAMP
  • PSD
  • PNG
  • RESX

Development Platform or Software:

  • Visual Studio Express for Windows Phone
  • Support : Windows Phone 8.0, 8.1 & 10


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