Windows XP Boost


In this article we are going to discuss ways to boost the performance of Microsoft Windows XP.

There are a few different areas of your computer you will have to look at in order to speed it up. These being:

– Temporary & unwanted files

– Registry

– Start up

Temporary & unwanted files

These files are unwanted files that have been downloaded when you were browsing web pages. They will come down without your knowledge, however they can be cleaned very easy! By simply going to your start menu, go to all programs then accessories and system tools, run the program called disk clean up. Once the program has loaded you select the option to remove temporary files.


The registry is a VERY complicated place, so don’t just go deleting things you think are unnecessary, as it could do some serious damage to your computer and may even require you to re-install your operating system. There are free programs that do the cleaning for you, the best of which been a program called Ccleaner.

Start up

When your computer starts it will load programs into memory, for example your antivirus, any firewall and other software. However it will also load unwanted programs into memory, such as DVD editing software, music players etc. Just about anything really. You will need to choose which programs you want to prevent from loading and which you want to load when your computer does. A great program for this is called StartUpLite by Malwarebytes. This program will see what programs are loading, and give you the option to stop which ever you want, although the good thing about it is it wont list any programs your computer needs to start up, it will only list the dead weight.

Good luck on boosting the performance of your Windows XP machine!


Source by Daniel Sanderson

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