Woo Commerce Customer Support Helpdesk Bundle


If you run a WooCommerce store, you should have affordable Helpdesk for the customer support. It allows you see the whole profile of your customer and answer to tickets right from the admin area of your WP website.

With the WooCommerce Helpdesk, supporting customers becomes much easier. On the ticket page, you can see the customer’s information with tags, contacts.

The bundle consists of Catchers Helpdesk and Woo Commerce Add-on for the customer support.

Your customers can open new ticket right from your account – orders. If you choose concrete order – ticket will be linked to the certain order.

Every single ticket will be linked to its order. Your Woo customer, just visit account page, find the order having a problem with, and click the “Open Ticket” button. The pop -up ticket form will be opened.

Lifetime value, orders, products
Customer lifetime value can be defined as the dollar value of a customer relationship, based on the present value of the orders future cash flows from the customer relationship. Customer lifetime value accounts as the sum of all orders from a certain customer.

E-mail fetching

Your potential clients can reach you via email or by using the contact form. You can respond to emails and your customers will receive immediate replies. Catchers Helpdesk will poll an external POP3/IMAP account on a regular basis, retrieve email messages and convert them to tickets.

Front end for clients

Each customer can click to a ticket number from e-mail message and go to the front end and see all current and previous tickets. The whole picture of ticket will be available on this page, as well as on email app.

Front end for clients


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