WooCommerce Bookings TimeZone Conversion Management


Finally managing WooCommerce Bookings with customers around the globe made easy. Say Hi To WooCommerce Bookings TimeZone Conversion Management, the ultimate tool to make things easy for your clients in different time zones by displaying the booking time in their own Timezone. Either its Product page, Order details or Emails to your customers this WooCommerce Bookings Extension takes care of displaying time in respective time zone everywhere to reduce the hassles and confusion of time conversion. And the good thing is, the admin will always get the time in his own TimeZone so no one needs to worry at all.

Important Notes:

This plugin works with only these plugins.
WooCommerce Bookings



Here admin needs to set their timezone

Bookable Product Settings:

To enable timezone functionality admin would need to enable timezone option as displayed in following screenshot.

Order Page View

Customers will view orders in their own local timezone.

Admin Email View:

Admin will receive emails in their own timezone.

New Order email to customer View

Customer will receive an email to their own timezone.

Single Product page

Select Timezone of your region from dropdown on single product page.

Customer Complete Order Email

Order complete email to customer complete view.

New booking backend View

New booking backend view to admin for saved booking

Account Details

Checked out the Your account complete details.

Order details

checked out order details

Admin Order View:

In backend all orders will be displayed in admin’s own timezone.

Cancelled order email to admin

Booking cancelled email to customer

Booking cancelled details email to customer.

Booking refunded email to customer

Booking order email

Booking confirmed email to customer

Booking confirmed email to customer with product details.

Extras :

WooCommerce Bookings 2 Way Google Calendar Sync
– You can also export your WooCommerce Bookings in CSV, PDF or Email Reports
easily, using WooCommerce Bookings Exporter plugin.


Version : 1.2
Date :  2018-03-06
Added timezone select dropdown on single product page
Added timezones separately for admin and customer to view their time in their own timezone
Added Metabox in booking window to show customer timezone according to customer timezone
Added customer as well as admin timezones in new order booking email
Added customer as well as admin timezones in order booking confirm email
Added customer as well as admin timezones in order booking cancel email
Added customer as well as admin timezones in order booking refund email
Added customer timezones in customer my account bookings page
Version : 1.0
Date : 2017-10-20
First Release.


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