Woocommerce Cashback + wallet credit system


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Woo commerce Cashback Coupon + wallet credit system is a premium Woo commerce extension that allows account funding by Cashback also making purchase with the amount deposited in the account. own funds directly on your store without having to use credit card or PayPal for each transaction.

Paying with Account Funds

Choose whether to allow Partial Funds Payments, letting customers use Account Funds to pay order totals in part and then use a payment gateway to pay off the balance.


  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Users can deposit funds into their own account on your store
  • Load wallet using credit products which then can be used for later purchases.
  • Ties into WooCommerce settings for currency formatting (simple).
  • Cachback Cradit add in automatic in user Wallet.
  • Make purchases using the wallet balance
  • Customer Can View all of Cashback history in user accoount.
  • create coupon with cashback amount
  • Customer can use coupon code direct on cart page.
  • All coupon option working With cashbak coupon.
  • Can User Wallet be used to make purchases
  • refund order
  • setting for Coupon Show On Product Detail Page
  • Other Coupon option with with same
  • Set up the wallet payment gateway so that buyers can use funds in account to make payments on your store
  • Admin can deny deposits that do not fall within the amount range specified in the plugin settings
  • Configure and show a “Make a deposit” form for deposits of a pre-set amount

CashBack Coupon Show on Product page



User Can deposit fund via frontend\

Allow customers to apply available funds and pay the difference via another gateway.


Try our demo.





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