Woocommerce Constant Contact Integration


Most Powerful plugin to integrate your woocommerce store with constant contact.

If you use Official Woocommerce constant contact integration plugin , you will not be able to add contacts in different contact lists based on which product people purchased . All the customer of your different product will be in same contact list. So there is no way for you to segment people based on which product they purchased .

BUT if you use our plugin, you can add different contacts in different contact lists based on which product they purchased. You can set up separate contact list for each different product.

Main Features

  • When you get a new order in your woocommerce store, that contact record will be automatically saved into your Constant Contact account.
  • You can set up different contact lists for each different products. So you will be able to easily segment different contacts based on which products they ordered . You can easily track which contacts ordered which product very easily.

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