Woocommerce Ebay Product Import Manager


Ebay Woocommerce Import Product Manager(woobay)


Woobay is used to import product from ebay to your woocommerce site. This is helpful to create your own store with all your ebay products and it is also be used to make money using ebay affiliate with ebay partner network of other seller items. Woobay is used to import product with

  • Ebay Item Ids
  • Ebay Item Url
  • Ebay Category Url
  • Search by keyword
  • Import By Store Name
  • Import By Seller Name
  • Import By UPC/EAN/ISBN


To Import products from ebay to woocommerce site, Requirements you need are:

  • woocommmerce installed wordpress site
  • Ebay developer account
  • Ebay Partner Network (optional required only for affiliate)

Ebay Developer Account

To get eaby appid, dev id, cert id and token register at https://developer.ebay.com/join/

Ebay Partner Network

To get Customid and trackinng id for ebay partner network register at(needed only for affiliate)https://www.ebaypartnernetwork.com/files/hub/en-US/index.html


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