WooCommerce Fly to Cart Effect + Ajax add to cart



What is it?

A plugin for your WooCommerce store, which makes it so that when you click on “Add to cart” the product visually “flies” and goes into the cart.

So what do I get?

  • An awesome configurable visual effect.
  • Amazing user experience.
  • Ajaxified “Add to cart” button which works in the catalog and in the single product pages (works with variable products too :) ).
  • An awesome feature that your competitors may not have.
  • Nice support.

Important notes

  • This plugin can appear incompatible with your WooCommerce store if you use another 3rd party plugin which customizes the “add to cart” button’s event (like a popup window appearing when you add an item to the cart, etc.). If you’re unsure and/or don’t know if you use such plugins, feel free to ask our support.
  • Also, keep in mind that the plugin may require some additional configuration if your custom theme places the cart button/link on an unusual place (if you need help configuring it, just email us :) ).
  • Requires at least PHP 5.3.


Before update, please make sure that you’ve saved your settings.

Version 1.2

[*] Performance improvements.
[*] Compatibility updates.

Version 1.1

[*] Extended admin settings.
[*] Added (compatibility) support for more 3rd party plugins.
[*] Added support for WooCommerce cart widgets.
[*] Performance improvements.
[*] Minor/unimportant bug fixes.

Version 1.0

First release.


We provide top-notch support for all of our customers!

Even though it’s easy to install and configure the plugin, if you face a problem – feel free to contact us.
We will be really happy to answer all of your questions and to solve the problem together. Please, use the contact form on the support page. We’ll be able to answer you quicker and communicate better. :)

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