WooCommerce Network Merchants (NMI) Payments


Accept Credit Card and eCheck Payments Now With Merchant Networks (NMI)

WooCommerce Network Merchants (NMI) Payments is an easy to use, secure (PCI compliant) and fast payment gateway for WooCommerce. It brings both Three Step Redirect and Direct Post integrations as a single solution in your store allowing you to accept any credit card and eCheck payments in any currency.

Flexibility Without Compromising On Security

This plugin saves you time and money by enabling NMI payment gateway in your shop. It comes with flexibility and security: while you’re able to switch between Direct Post and Three Step Redirect at will and configure the numerous options, your customer payment information are NEVER stored on your server.

To meet PCI compliance, this tool sends your customer information to NMI security vaults in exchange of a payment token that is used to charge your customers.

Build Customer Loyalty

This plugin comes with Saved Payment Method feature which allows your customer to save their credit card and bank account for futures purchases. This feature is crucial to reduce cart abandonment. Of course, we never save sensitive data on your server.

Smooth Experience

This plugin turns NMI Three Step Redirect integration as a single comfortable, smooth and fast experience to customer. Customer never leaves your store while his payment information are directly sent to NMI without even hitting your server!

Control Restrictions

This plugin comes with options for deciding when credit cards and eChecks payments are available. For example, you can use this feature to show eChecks as payment method only for American/Canada clients. Of course, you can target more criteria like cart total, cart total weight, etc…only Sky is The Limit!

Logging Activity

While sensitive data are never saved we keep track of each process with the logging feature. This is crucial for finding bugs when they happen.

Translation Ready

Resources pot file is available to easily translate strings in your customer languages!

Free SSL Installation

SSL is a standard for websites security and online stores have responsibility to prevent security breach as much as possible. This importance is taken seriously at an extent we’re happy to provide free SSL installation service. When you’re using Direct Post integration notice you will have obligation to meet PCI compliance hence SSL installation would be checked by NMI staff before going to production.

Support 24/7

We’d like to hear from you especially if you find a bug or you’re willing to see a feature not implemented yet.

Universal Theme Compatibility

Sometimes you install a plugin that breaks your design or store after installation. This won’t happen with our plugin which nicely integrates with any theme and also doesn’t conflict with any other plugin.

Regular Update

You’re purchasing more than the features you see today as we keep updating our codebase not only to fix or refactor stuffs but also to bring new awesome features especially after hearing your needs and pains in your daily routine. We’ve automated the whole process so you don’t have to keep coming to Codecanyon and get the last update, it comes directly in your WordPress. You just have to confirm and that’s it!


Code Quality

Delivering quality artifacts is the cornerstone of our business because we understand it’s always a pain to update or maintain a low quality codebase. And because we’re committed to continuous feature delivery, you have the assurance of an item respectful of industry standards!

Developer friendly

We use filters and hooks wherever we see fit to allow perfect integration with other WordPress plugins.

WooCommerce 3+ Ready

WooCommerce 3+ especially 3.2 comes with important updates to WooCommerce. Of course, these massive changes aren’t a problem for professional plugins which this item belongs to. It even comes with support for both these recent versions as well as the old WooCommerce releases starting from 2.5!

Automatic Lifetime Update – Free of charge

When we commit an update, your WordPress install is automatically informed through our API. This allows you to upgrade quickly.


After purchase, you will be able to:

  • Accept credit card payments
  • Accept eCheck payments
  • Capture payments immediately or manually
  • Allow your customers to save their credit cards and eChecks for future purchases.
  • Monitor activity through logging
  • Control payment restriction
  • Stay PCI compliant and secure payments on your store
  • Increase customer loyalty with fast and one click processing
  • Charge credit cards and eChecks manually
  • Process refunds
  • Process payment cancellations (Void)

You also have the guarantee of:

  • Lifetime Free Updates
  • Built-In Automatic Updates
  • Available Support
  • Regular Feature Additions
  • Regular Checks for Security Improvment

This plugin saves you the time you would spend:

  • Developing a custom payment gateway
  • Ensuring it meets industry standards
  • Ensuring your freelancer produces quality code
  • Ensuring fast implementation of industry protocols and new features from the payment gateway
  • Preventing stolen payment data
  • Making certain new major security flaws are quickly addressed

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install the plugin ?
Extract your purchased item zip file. Go to your WordPress admin and plugins page. Click “Add New” button in the top. From the extracted folder, choose the plugin zip file (it looks like wc-nmi-payments.x.x.x.zip) and upload!

I installed and activated the plugin but it’s not showing in the store
Ensure, you have enabled the payment method from WooCommerce > Settings > Checkout. You also need to provide your API credentials (Username and Password for Direct Post API and API Key for Three Step Redirect) and enter your item purchase code.

Does it support my currency ?
Yes, this plugin supports any currency your store sells in.

Where do I find help in time of need ?
Find the “Comments” tab in the top of this page and leave your inquiry. We’ll respond.

Does it support NMI Direct Post ?
Yes the plugin integrates both Direct Post and Three Step redirect.

Does the plugin redirect customer to NMI during payment ?
The redirection happens behind the scene without your customer leaving your store. In short, we’ve implemented the Three Step Redirect method in smart way so you stay PCI compliant while keeping your customer on your site.


Version 1.0, Monday, October 30, 2017
[+] Initial release


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