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Build URLs that create and pay an order with one click using the customer’s previous orders information. You can use them to create one-click upsells. You can also add a 1-Click Checkout button to the cart and order pages.

Key Features

  • Customers checkout with one click using previous orders info.
  • Add 1-Click Checkout buttons to cart and checkout pages, or generate a 1-Click Checkout URL to use anywhere.
  • Select products, coupons, shipping, redirect page, what to do with the current items in the cart.

Checkout with one click

You can let your customers checkout with just one click, by using their previous order information. The order will be created, if it needs shipping it will use the latest customer’s shipping information, and if the order needs payment it will use the latest paid order information. For the payment to work, your payment gateway needs to support tokenization/saved cards, and use the standard WooCommerce functions. We have tested with the official and free Stripe (Cards) and Braintree (Paypal) gateways.

Note that even if their last order was a digital product that doesn’t need shipping, or it was a free item that doesn’t need payment, the system will skip that order and look for the information it needs from previous orders.

If the customer is not logged in, it will redirect to the login page, and after they log in, redirect back and continue as expected.

If the payment fails, a WooCommerce notification will be created with a link to the order payment page, so the customer can fix the problem.

1-Click Checkout Buttons

You can choose to display a 1-Click Checkout button in the cart (before the Proceed to checkout button) and/or in the checkout page (before the checkout form). This buttons will take watever is in the cart, respecting the shipping selected, and check it out using previous customer’s shipping and payment information.

Cart Button Checkout Button

1-Click Checkout URLs

Use our 1-Click Checkout URL builder to create a URL that when visited, it will create an order and check it out using previous customer’s shipping and payment information. You could use that URL in links on your website or in your emails.

  • You can select the products and/or product variations, with quantities. If you select a variable product without specifying a variation, it will add the default variation, or if not set, the first variation. 
  • You can add coupons to be applied.
  • You can choose what to do with the current items in the cart: Keep (checkout the products selected and keep the current cart as it was), Checkout (checkout the products selected and the products in the cart), Discard (checkout only the products seleted and discard the current cart).
  • You can force a shipping method for the order. By default it will ship with the default shipping method for the order. If you select a shipping method different than the default for the order, you need to make sure the shipping method will be available for the selected products and the customer region.
  • You can redirect after checkout to any URL. By default it will go to the Order Received page, as normal orders do.

One Click URL Generator

Other Features

  • Use of templates that could be overriden by custom plugins, to change the style or the position of the buttons.
  • Fully translatable.
  • Works with WooCommerce 2.6 and superior.


# 1.1.0 2018-1-19
- Fix typo in URL builder
- Add support for WooCommerce Stripe 4.0

# 1.0.0 2017-9-13
- Initial release


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