Woocommerce Responsive Product Category Vertical Mega Menu


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A user-friendly, highly customizable and responsive plugin


The concept of woocommerce vertical menu and woocommerce mega menu has become the most popular features on e-commerce website recently. Have you ever thought about a concept for Woocommerce vertical mega menu?

A plugin integrates both of Woocommerce vertical menu and Woocommerce mega menu. Woocommerce responsive product category vertical mega menu developed by Magenest is a great way of letting your customers see the full breath and depth of your catalog without having click around lots of different sections of your site.

The plugin is fully responsive and compatible with mobile devices.

Key features

Vertical mega menu for product category with background image

woocommerce vertical mega menu

Accordion menu for product category

woocommerce accordion menu

Widget includes

woocommerce widget

Bootstrap compatibility

woocommerce bootstrap

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