WooCommerce Sale Inspirer – Pressing Smart Messages


WooCommerce Sale Inspirer – Pressing Smart Messages

“WooCommerce Sale Inspirer” is a WordPress WooCommerce plugin which pushes dynamic and responsive top messages to a visitors then they are watching the product.

5 different smart messages for increasing your sales

There are 5 types of messages which are delivered to visitors in right time and increase your sales.

  1. “Who is watching” messages – Shows how many visitors are interested in current product.
  2. “Total sales count” messages – Shows how many times current item was sold in specified date interval.
  3. “Random 5 star reviews” – Shows positive feedbacks to a visitor if they exist.

  4. “Last item in stock” – If stock is managable, then a visitor will see if there are less than specified number of available items in stock.

  5. “Custom messages by product” – You can create any custom message for any product. A visitor will get this message when he/she is watching it.

Deliver The Right Message at The Right Time And Increase Your Sales!


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