WooCommerce Sales Motivator – Live Sales & Shipping Notification and Frequently Brought Together


Do you want to increase your per order value? We have very power sales motivator features bundled in a single plugin.

This plugin helps you increase conversions and maximize order value with a customizable free shipping notification bar, recent sales notification and frequently bought together widgets.

Demo & Documentation

Demo |

Free Shipping Notification

Encourage people to add more products to the cart by displaying how much more do they need in order to qualify for free shipping.

The required amount of free shipping updates in real time as they add more products in cart.

You can also use this notification bar as a regular/standard notification bar if you do not offer free shipping to your store.

Recently Bought Notifications

Creates a positive influence on your customer by displaying the recent sales in real time. It also motivates them to buy your products. You can also display the total cart value or the recent sales and customize the message on the notification widget.

If your store doesn’t have a lot of sales, you can also set a category to display the data from. It will show recent sales notification if there are no real data. This is very useful for the new stores.

Frequently Bought Together

You can now display Amazon like frequently bought together widget on your Woocommerce websites with this plugin.

The Frequently Bought Together intelligently displays the frequently bought together products on the product page. Customers can add those products directly to the cart with a single click.

This plugin analyses the previous purchases in your store database through real order or you can set products to form the single product page so the user can usually be added together to the shopping cart.



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