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WooTabbed for WooCommerce Product Display

WooTabbed is a Simple and Elegant Solution to Display Your WooCommerce Products Category Wise in Tabbed, Accordion or Carousel Format. Display All Products or Only Products on Sale or Featured Products.

Bonus: WooTabbed also comes with a Premium Category Selection Widget with Collapsible Links and Unlimited subcategory depth!

WooTabbed for WooCommerce Product Display is a premium WooCommerce Add-On and one of its kind. This is a perfect solution to showcase all your products category wise in tab, accordion or carousel layout on a single page. You can also use this plugin to display only the products on sale or display featured products only. This Pro version comes packed with 10+ templates, Ajax Load More, extensive customization options, and many advanced settings.

WooCommerce Tabbed Category Product Listing Main Features:

10+ Unique, Elegant Designs to Choose from

WooTabbed Pro version comes with 10+ Responsive, Mobile Friendly, Modern templates to choose from.

Tab Mode:

Tab mode is the standard and goes well with almost any themes. The tab mode templates display products in a grid layout. You can choose from 7 different styles that match your theme.

Accordion Mode:

The accordion mode is a unique way to display all your product categories and let users open the category tab he is looking for.

Carousel Mode:

Carousel template is suitable to place anywhere on your homepage or landing page and let the shoppers shift through all your products category wise and make a purchase decision quickly.

AJAX Category Filters

Users can sort through different categories using the filter buttons at the top. New products will be loaded bu AJAX without reloading the page. Filter buttons are completely customizable from the backend. The filter buttons can be Stacked or displayed in carousel mode in a single line.

AJAX Load More and Add to Cart

Select number of products to show initially and AJAX load more to show the rest. Also included AJAX Add to Cart.

Display Sales Products Only

If you have a large store and have a lot of products – use the Display Sale Products Only shortcode parameter. Only the products on sale will be displayed. Works with all available templates. Works the best with Carousel template.

Want to List your featured products only? No problem. Use the Display Featured Products Only shortcode parameter. Only the products you marked as featured will be displayed. All templates support this feature. Works wonder with the Accordion template.

WooCommerce Catalog Mode

Turn off the Add to Cart Options to Display product in Catalog mode only without any buy option. Great single page catalog for all your products.

Extensive Customization Settings

Colors, number of letters, filter buttons, text to be used – everything can be customized according to your preferences from the friendly Settings page.

Easy to Use

This WooCommerce add-on is extremely easy to use. Simply activate the plugin and paste the shortcode to any page and it will start doing its magic!

As an added bonus, this plugin comes with a Widget which lists all your Categories and Sub Categories in the sidebar with Expand and Collapse option. WooCommerce, by default, does have a category links widget which you can add to your sidebars. However, the default widget is very limited with virtually no option and does not have collapsible, expandable category links feature. If your online store has a lot of categories and subcategories, the default widget is useless because it would make your web page way too long! Wootabbed Category links Widget solves this problem and also comes with 6 different designs to choose from and also an option to show Category links as a drop down!

Woocommerce Tabbed Product Category Features:

  • 10 Innovative Design Templates to Choose from
  • Extensive Options to Fine Tune the Plugin Behavior to Your Need
  • AJAX Load More Products
  • AJAX Category Filtering
  • Display Featured Products Only
  • Display Sales Products Only (products on sale)
  • Display Products in Accordion Mode
  • Display Products in Carousel Mode
  • Limit Number of Products to Show
  • Accordion or Stacked Category Filter Tabs
  • Selectively Display Price, Rating, Title, Cart Link
  • Exclude Selected Categories
  • AJAX Add to Cart
  • Custom CSS to Add Your Own Style
  • Adjust Font Size and Colors of All Templates
  • Show or Hide ALL Products Tab
  • Display category image thumb
  • Easy to Use with Shortcode
  • Widget with Collapsible
  • Links to All Your Categories from Side Bar
  • Rapid, One on One Premium Support
  • Lifetime Free PlugIn Upgrades

**This is a WooCommerce add on. Woocommerce must be installed and active before you install this plugin

Version History

Version 3.2.0 – released on May 23 – 2018
# Accordion style category filter menu added plus, minus to collapse
# Fixed a bug for Load More products

Version 2.4.0 – released on Nov 25 – 2017
 -- added two new shortcode attributes to filter products in shortcode. They are
 Example: [wtcpl-product-cat theme='three' featured-only=1] // Filter "Featured" products
         [wtcpl-product-cat theme='three' sale-only=1]        // Filter "Sale" products
 -- Added new sales ribbon.
 -- Added new carousel template.
 -- Added option in backend to set text for if no product is found under specific category.
 -- Fixed issue in template four where add to cart vanished after product added to cart.
 -- Fixed an issue that cause short code always renders at the top of the page
 -- Set theme eight default category button color to transparent white.
 -- Added an new optional attribute in shortcode to pass. You can now pass a list of category ids as follows.
   [wtcpl-product-cat theme='five' category-ids='78,102,39,98']    
   When passing optional parameters, you must specify theme name in exact order.
 -- Fixed an issue that cause sale ribbon not showing on template ten.
 -- Updated hover effect on template three.
 -- Fixed an issue that cause carousel template show arrow even when there is no more category to show.
 -- Fixed an issue that shows load more button not working when sale-only=1 attribute passed in shortcode.
 -- Added cart button behavior, ajax or redirect to cart page
 -- Minor css bug fixed in template two. 
 -- Number of responsive issue fixed for multiple templates
 -- Visual composer compatibility issue fixed.
 -- Added 5 different theme for side barwidget
 -- Added 3 different option to control sidebar widget behaviour.
 -- Fixed an issue that cause "Load more" button not showing on certain theme
 -- Fixed an issue that cause "Load More" button showing on top of the container on certain theme.
 -- css issue fixed on multiple layouts.
 -- Fixed "Load More" issue in template two.
 -- Added price in product sorting option in backend.
 -- Added a new accordion template

Version 1.6.0 – released on Sept 13 – 2017
 Updated coding logic to check if WooCommerce is already installed and active.
 Fixed a conflict with certain divi version
Version 1.5.0 – released on Sept 06 – 2017


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