WooCommerce to Square Order Sync – Addon For WooSquare Pro


Important: This plugin is an add-on that requires the WooSquare Pro plugin. View WooSquare Pro page at Codecanyon.

Order itemization will help you to send item information like taxes, discount, and breakdown of items from WooCommerce to Square dashboard. The purpose of this Add-on is to sync WooCommerce orders to Square Payment section from WooCommerce checkout.


  • Hassle free to see your WooCommerce sales from square payment section no need to look WooCommerce frequently.
  • Helps you to analyze items descriptions at one glance. You don’t have to match square transactions anymore in WooCommerce orders.

How WooCommerce Order Items will show in Square


How to Install this Add-on:

  • Download Add-on from codecanyon.net
  • Before installing add-on you must have WooSquare Pro activated and then install this add-on at your wordpress plugin section, as soon as you activate this add-on all order will sync to Square, if payment gateway is Square.


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