WooCommerce Trending Products Widgets & Popups


Now with WooCommerce Trending Products Widgets & Popups, you can easily display your most selling item in your WooCommerce Based online store. You can set the duration for which you would like to get the most selling product like Most selling items of the week, most selling item of the month etc. In the backend, you are provided with lots of options to get complete control over the widgets and popups. You can even control the popup to display on specific pages and can filter the products to be displayed with a category or products IDs as per your requirement. You can even limit the number of products to be displayed. This is just the beginning. there is a lot more to come on the way.

You can find WooCommerce Trending Products Popups settings in following location;
Wp-admin menu > Upsell Product Settings

Widget Settings section

You can find WooCommerce Trending Products Ultimate Widgets settings in following location;
Appearance > Widgets

having same setting with WooCommerce Trending Products Popups Settings


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