WooPlugins – Fake Recent Sales Notifications for Woocommerce


WooPlugins – Fake Recent Sales Notifications for Woocommerce

Create a sense of engagement and community on your store with this clean and simple premium plugin for WooCommerce.

You can check the example of recent sales noticifations that you will get on your store here on a live store : https://luxurywatcheszone.com/


  • Smart Display: Each time a notification is displayed the other ones will be delayed.
  • Expiration Time (in hours): Enter the number of hours you want to keep the cache of selected products. Each time, the plugin will get new products and generate different order details (locations, dates etc.)
  • Layout: Available 11 layouts : top, topLeft, topCenter, topRight, center, centerLeft, centerRight, bottom, bottomLeft, bottomCenter, bottomRight.
  • Type: Available 5 types : alert, success, warning, error, information.
  • Timeout (in seconds): Delay for closing notifications.
  • Locations: Locations can be : countries, cities, neighborhoods etc. Each value, must be entered on a new line.



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