WordPress Data Importer


WordPress Data Importer is a collection of data management and post creation tools designed for professionals. Designed with a sandbox type interface, which means it allows free movement and use of features. Many other plugins offer a linear step-by-step approach which does not suit always suit complex projects.

Development of WordPress Data Importer was done to complete migration of large and active none WordPress database. I am happy to offer this power in an Envato exclusive package at a lower cost than most plugins of this type but not for much longer! Purchase today and watch the plugin improve and grow to suit every users needs,
including yours. Just let me know how you need my plugin to operate and I’ll make it happen.

Main Features

  • All Themes Supported
  • Schedule System
  • Schedule Data Import
  • Schedule Data Update
  • Schedule Post Creation
  • Schedule Page Creation
  • Schedule Custom Post Creation
  • Schedule Post Updating
  • Schedule Page Updating
  • Create and Update Manually Too
  • Over 100 Dashboard Widgets
  • Custom Fields/Post Meta Supported
  • Category Creator
  • Title Templates
  • Content Templates

New Features Since Release

  • Import Groups of CSV Files
  • Import Single CSV Files
  • Import Separate Meta CSV Files
  • Import Audio Files as Post Attachments

You can contact me and join my communities but I can only sell the plugin here on Envato.


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