WoW Gold Guide – Finding Valuable Fish Early in the Game


WoW Fishing is one of the overlooked Professions in the game because it takes a little longer than other Professions to level up. But since the newest release of World of Warcraft the WoW Fishing Profession is much easier to advance, this provides a good opportunity for new Horde players if they need gold early in the game. The fish we are looking to get is the Deviate fish in Azeroth.

Let's see how to make WoW fishing profitable early on. First, you need to level up your character to level 75, which is fairly easy. You can get there quickly by finding a trainer at any of the cities, get a fishing pole and some inexpensive lures. Head out to a body of water, I like Eversong Woods, and start fishing, after you get to level 25 you will not need a lure. Keep on fishing until you get to level 75. Go back and buy training for Journeyman. Once you do this head to the Oasis in the Barrens and begin fishing for Deviant fish.

Deviant fish are valuable because they can be cooked into something called a Savory Deviate Delight. This allows players to transform into a Pirate or a Ninja. They gain no effects, it's done only for cosmetic reasons, but it's popular and used for fun. It's popular for instances and raids. This can be a steady source of gold early in the game, and it's easier since the latest game updates. WoW fishing early on can be valuable if you follow these instructions. Happy Gaming.


Source by Carlos Castro

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