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Wp Header Bar is a simple yet attention-grabbing, customizable responsive bar resting at the top of your WordPress targeted pages to help drive traffic to a specific destination on your site.

You can use wp header bar as a call to action to read your latest blog post, sign up for your newsletter, take advantage of special pricing, etc. etc.


  • WordPress 3.9 Tested and Approved
  • Clean, Design can be used for any type of website
  • 100% Responsive Header Bar
  • Easy to configuration (No any coding required!)
  • Preview mode before header bar is live
  • Fully Customizable!

Create New Header Bar

  • Specific page level targeting for your added header bar:
    • Create unlimited “header bar” and target to specific post/page or categories for your “header bar” to appear.
  • Disable ‘Wp Header Bar’ for X days once user click on link or submit button
    • Display on every page load
    • Display for first X visits
    • Display on every X days
    • Display after X visits
    • Display bar after X seconds
    • Auto close ‘Wp Header Bar’ in X seconds
    • Include ANY Custom (HTML + CSS ) message OR shortcodes inside header bar
    • Add ANY Link text
    • Add ANY Link URL
    • Cute Link: Super easily convert your long LINK URL into clean and professional SHORT LINKS.
    • Cloak Link: SUPER easily cloak your cute link and promote ANY affiliate products without any worry.

    • Choose Header Bar Height according to your requirement
    • Choose Header Bar Height (only for mobile device) according to your requirement
    • Adjust Margin Top (gab between display header bar and theme)
    • Check to stick Header Bar at the top of the page when scrolling
    • Choose ANY border Color
    • Easily check to make your header bar border goes ON/OFF
    • Check to disable close header bar
    • Easily add ANY bar color and match your header bar with your website
    • Easily add texture for your display header bar
    • Choose Suitable Font Family from available drop down list
    • Select from drop down list to adjust your font size
    • Easily add ANY color to your display font
    • Make your display font: Blod or Italic or Underline according to your requirement
    • Button settings:

      • Easily make your button Black OR White OR Choose ANY custom color
      • Easily choose ANY HOVER color for your display button
      • Easily choose ANY LINK TEXT color
      • check to display button as hyperlink
      • Check to open link in a new window
      • Check to display NO Button/Hyperlink Link
      • Check to display Social Links With Notification Bar.
      • Display UNLIMITED small icons that link to your social networking sites.
      • Check to remove Notification and Display Only Social Links.

      • Just check to display popular social share system like facebook, twitter, google+ etc, and Increase your blog audience more then your IMAGINATION

      • REQUIREMENT Ad Plus List Building PopUp 2.6 or later required to activate Optin Bar feature.
      • Add unlimited HTML Form code (All autoresponder service integration: AWeber, MailChimp, MyMail, GetResponse, Wysija, iContact, Constant Contact and many many more.. )

      • Form auto filler: Grab visitor’s attention by automatic filling the visitor’s name/email in the optin form for more sign-ups!.
      • Split Name into ‘First Name’ and ‘Last Name’ feature.
      • Only Email: Display ONLY ‘email’ field feature.

      Update History

      UPDATE 3.0 – 10/12/2014

      - FEATURE ADD 1:  Disable reappearing ONLY message bar for X  Day(s) once user click on the close bar
      - ENHANCE 1: Enhance Admin Interface

      UPDATE 3.0 – 09/30/2014

      - FIX: PHP version 5.5+ issue.
      - FIX: Responsive layout issue.

      UPDATE 2.9 – 04/18/2014

      - FEATURE ADD 1: Close notification bar on page load 
      - FIX: Adding custom CSS code issue
      - FIX: Issue generated on single page by short-code feature.

      UPDATE 2.7 – 11/12/2013

      - FEATURE ADD 1: Support ANY ShortCode
      - FEATURE ADD 2: Custom header bar height for mobile device.

      UPDATE 2.6 – 9/3/2013

      - FEATURE ADD 1: New Settings Page Created inside admin control pannel
      - FEATURE ADD 2: Settings: Check to disable 'Header Bar' on ipad/iphone
      - FEATURE ADD 3: Javascript Settings: Check to disable facebook JS loading
      - FEATURE ADD 4: Javascript Settings: Check to disable twitter JS loading
      - FEATURE ADD 5: Javascript Settings: Check to disable google+ JS loading
      - FEATURE ADD 6: Javascript Settings: Check to disable linkedIn JS loading
      - FEATURE ADD 7: Javascript Settings: Check to disable pinterest JS loading
      - FEATURE ADD 8: CSS Settings: [GLOBAL EFFECT] ADD Custom CSS for Display Header Bar
      - FEATURE ADD 9: Support Extension Plugin 'Non Wp Header Bar' (Display Header Bar On ANY NON-WORDPRESS site)

      UPDATE 2.5 – 8/21/2013

      - FEATURE ADD 1: Schedule - Display for first X visits
      - FEATURE ADD 2: Schedule - Display on every X days
      - FEATURE ADD 3: Schedule - Display after X visits
      - FEATURE ADD 4: Auto close 'Wp Header Bar' in X seconds
      - FEATURE ADD 5: Disable 'Wp Header Bar' for X days once user click on link or submit button
      - FEATURE ADD 6: Include ANY Custom (HTML + CSS ) message inside header bar (Support custom message)
      - FEATURE ADD 7: Convert your LONG UGLY link url to Cute Link.
      - FEATURE ADD 8: Cloak your cute link 
      - FEATURE ADD 9: Bar Settings - CUSTOM bar height.
      - FEATURE ADD 10: Bar Settings - Margin Top adjustment (Gap between display header bar and your display theme)
      - FEATURE ADD 11: Font & Button Settings - Font size
      - FEATURE ADD 12: Font & Button Settings - Font style (bold, italic, underline)
      - FEATURE ADD 13: Font & Button Settings - Custom button color
      - FEATURE ADD 14: Font & Button Settings - Custom button hover color
      - FEATURE ADD 15: Social Links - Add unlimited social links
      - FEATURE ADD 16: Social Share - Facebook, twitter, twitter follow, google+, linkedin, pinterest
      - FEATURE ADD 17: Optin Bar - Display optin bar of your choice. 
      - FEATURE ADD 18: Optin Bar - Need plugin 'Ad Plus List Building PopUp' to activate option bar feature. 
      - ENHANCEMENT: Admin interface
      - REMOVE: non wp header bar (display header bar on any non-wordpress site) 

      UPDATE 1.5

      - FEATURE ADD 1: Works On Non-WordPress Sites Too

      UPDATE 1.0

      - First Release

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