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WP Link Preview is a simple plugin which shows screenshot preview of a link. The screenshot is created dynamically using wordpress service. Plugin allows visitors to know the target URL before actually visiting it. It protects them from spam links. The approach is unique and adds value to your wordpress site.

Plugin Features

  • Supports option to change width of preview image
  • One can change the preview tooltip theme. There are 3 themes to choose from. Developers can also easily edit the css to modify the themes
  • Plugin supports 5 animation effects to load the tooltip.They are fade, grow, swing, slide and fall
  • The tooltip is created using Tooltipster jQuery plugin. This allows any developer to extend the tooltip functionality using tooltipster options.
  • The images are preloaded before activating the tooltip. This ensures correct positioning of preview image when visitors hover over the link.
  • A button is added to wordpress TinyMCE editor for easy insertion of plugin shortcode.

A detail html documentation is provided along with the plugin file. It contains images for each steps along with the text. Here is a screencast which explains installation, customization and usage of the plugin.

Basic Usage

Using WP Link Preview is as simple as adding [wplink] shortcode. Here is an example:
[wplink href="http://google.com"]Link Text[/wplink]

Browser Support


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