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Add a forum to your website the easy way!

The WP Pro Forum system allows you to add a clean and user-friendly forum to your website. It has many powerful features to create a professional looking forum/helpdesk with ease! The forum is created to work on the frontend of your website but admins are able to manage all forums, topics, replies, categories and tags from the admin area aswel.

– Translate ready, .mo/.po files included.
– Theme Integration ready + more info
– Custom filters included + more info

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Why Customers Love This Plugin

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What a great forum plugin! Thank you very much for the great work! So easy to customize and fit into my website. You definitely got my 5 stars!

– jessjobs

Thanks for your timely help Tuna. Excellent support!!!

– Deej

Wow… excellent support. … Very happy with this plugin. Rated 5 out of 5

– emidel

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– graffig

Create Topics

All registered users can create topics using the standard WordPress text editor included in the plugin.

Create Replies

All registered users can reply on topics.

Create Comments

All registered users can write extra comments on replies.

Upload Images

If enabled all registered users can upload images into their topics and replies using the standard WordPress image uploader.

Standard Text Editor

Creating topics and replies is very easy using the standard WordPress text editor upgraded with some extra custom shortcode options.

Add Code

If enabled all registerd users can add clean code (HTML, CSS, PHP, …) to their topics and replies using the custom shortcode included by the forum plugin.

Add Private Content

Show certain content only to specific user. The content entered will be hidden from users and only visible by the admins and the user who authored the topic or reply.

And much more

  • Edit Topics, Replies and Comments: All registered users can update/ remove their own topics, replies or comments from the frontend. Admins are able to edit/ remove all content from the frontend and the admin backend.
  • Close Topics:
  • All registered users can close their own topics. Admins can close all topics.

  • Follow Topics:
  • Follow your favorite topics and get email notifications if new replies are posted.

  • Sticky Topics:
  • Stick important topics to the top of your forum and keep them visible for everyone.

  • Like Topics & Replies:
  • All registered users can like topics and replies.

  • Share Topics & replies:
  • Everyone visiting the forum can share links to each topic or reply.

  • Customize the style:
  • Make sure the forum fits into your theme. You can change the style and the way the pages look to make sure they look exactly like your website!

  • Customize permalinks:
  • Make sure the forum fits into your website and make it SEO friendly using the custom permalinks! You can change the permalink structure to anything you like to make sure the forum fits exactly in your website!

    Usage in Themeforest Themes

    If you want to use the WP Pro Forum System Plugin in your Theme on ThemeForest please purchase
    1 extended license for each theme you put on the marketplace! (as long as there is no Developer License available.) If you have any questions about this agreement please contact us


    WP Tweet From WordPress: Notify your Twitter followers when a new topic/reply is added to your forum.
    The Tweet from WordPress plugin can send tweets automatically when new post, pages, topics, replies, … are created!

    Tweet from WordPress


V1.3.7 - March 22 - 2016
    - Added option to close the forum.
    - Added option ta add topics/replies as favorite.
    - Added option to allow non-loggedin users to post topics/replies.
    - Fixed issue with comment count.
    - Deprecated fe_comment_like_count. splitted up to fe_comment_count and fe_likes_count.

V1.3.6 - February 09 - 2016
    - Added option to customize user profile permalink.
    - Added option to hide sticky topics on the main forum.
    - Fixed error after posting
    - Fixed path to single topic page.

V1.3.5 - February 08 - 2016
    - Added shortcode to show all user liked posts. [user_likes]
    - Improved the plugin structure.
    - Improved admin menu options.
    - Removed the custom databases. Everything now works like default WordPress options.
    - Removed support for WP versions older then 3.9

V1.3.4 - January 27 - 2016
    - Allowed code editor to show shortcodes as text.
    - Fixed PHP warnings in admin settings.
    - Fixed - closed topics can now still be edited.
    - Fixed - error Can’t use function return on settings page.

V1.3.3 - January 25 - 2016
    - Added filter pfs_before_create_topic_button
    - Added email notifications for comments.
    - Improved the code snippet option.
    - Updated Ajax requests for new jQuery requirements.
    - Updated widget forms.

V1.3.2 - October 16 - 2015
    - Added extra search widget options.
    - Added search shortcode.
    - Added option to change text editor height.
    - Added colors to category drop down.
    - Changed var base_plupload_config to base_plupload_image_config for compatibility.
    - Moved get topic categories to class Fe_Main.
    - Fixed private content shortcode.

V1.3.1 - August 29 - 2015
    - Added file upload option.

V1.3.0 - August 23 - 2015
    - few small improvements

V 1.2.9 - August 23 - 2015
    - Added links to user profiles in topic boxes.
    - Added option to customize the profile header (api).
    - Small style fixes for WP4.3
    - Fixed WP_Widget is deprecated for WordPress v4.3 <

V 1.2.8 - July 18 - 2015
    - Added Latest reply info to template array: $template_array['latest_reply'];
    - Added option to show all posts (topics, replies, comments) from a specific user.
    - Added filters (pfs_topics_top_ad, pfs_topics_middle_ad, pfs_topics_bottom_ad) to show ads before, between or after all topics page.
    - Added user account page.
    - Added option to add a custom email notification sender name.
    - Added option to customize email notification text.
    - Added option to add custom email footer.
    - Added option to add custom email css style.
    - Added option to mark topics as solved.

V 1.2.7 - June 03 2015
    - Added topic title into the replies title.

V 1.2.6 - March 26 2015
    - Updated reply time.
    - Updated Timing variables to use timezone used on the current website.
    - Updated link to reply comments.

V 1.2.5 - March 15 2015
    - Updated time() with current_time() to use the websites default timezone when posting topics/replies.

V 1.2.4 - February 11 2015
    - Added fix for shortcode showing above content.

V 1.2.2 - April 13 2014
    - Forum is ready to use with WordPress 3.9+.

V 1.2.1 - April 12 2014
    - Started updating code to work with WordPress 3.9+.

V 1.2.0 - April 11 2014
    - Fixed issue with topics not being shown when created from admin backend.

V 1.1.9 - April 10 2014
    - FIXED issue with tags including special characters.

V 1.1.8 - March 30 2014
    - ADDED the option to hide forum content for user who are not logged in.
    - FIXED issue with UTF-8 emails.

V 1.1.7 - March 19 2014
    - FIXED possible issue „Cannot redeclare class Mobile_Detect”.
    - Updated custom bootstrap css to fix some possible theme issues. fe_bootsrap.css.
Added new filters: 
        - pfs_login_btn_text
        - pfs_login_url

V 1.1.6 - March 14 2014
    - Added translation for custom tinymce buttons.
    - Added new filters: 
        - pfs_before_create_topic_container
        - pfs_after_create_topic_container

V 1.1.5 - February 18 2014
    - Fixed issue with custom CSS.
    - Fixed issue with admin post/page editor.
    - Fixed issue with links in comments.
    - Update, frontend scripts get only loaded on the front end.

V 1.1.4 - February 16 2014
    - Added wp_get_shortlink() instead of the_permalink() to the share button url.
    - Added the option to add private content to topics and replies.

V 1.1.3 - February 08 2014
     - Added "create new topic form" to category pages.
    - Added the option to add a custom template for the forum boxes.
    - Added categories/forums widget.
    - Added "add video" button to editor.
    - Added new filters: 
        - pfs_username
        - pfs_save_like_data
    - Fixed issue with likes when multiple topics are on one single page.

V 1.1.2 - February 07 2014
    - Added sticky topics.
    - Added the option to load topics by latest replies.
    - Improved some translation.
    - Updated issue with non english characters.
    - fixed link button. Disabled when no text is selected.

V 1.1.1 - February 05 2014
    - Added new filters:
        - pfs_wp_insert_topic_data
    - pfs_wp_insert_reply_data
    - pfs_wp_insert_comment_data
    - Added the option to follow topics by default after creating one or replying to one.
    - Added some translation fixes.
    - Changed the way usernames are shown. It now shows the user’s selected Display Name.

V 1.1.0 - January 27 2014
    - Added the option to customize the forum permalinks.
    - Added link to login page when user is not logged in yet.
    - Fixed admin notifications being sended when not selected.
    - Fixed issue with „Screen Options” drop down in admin area.

V 1.0.9 - January 25 2014
    - Started adding filters to the code to enable easy customization of the forum.
        - pfs_before_topic_container
    - pfs_after_topic_container
    - pfs_before_topic_content
        - pfs_after_topic_content
    - Added the option to add custom CSS to fine-tune the forum styling.
    - Added the option to add a specific color to each category.
    - Fixed possible issue with categories drop down wile creating / updating topics.

V 1.0.8 - January 19 2014
    - Fixed issue with empty categories.
    - Improved the notifications emails.

V 1.0.7 - January 11 2014
    - Added the option to follow topics and receive notifications.
    - Added the option to embed videos into topics and replies using a new custom shortcode [html] …[/html].
    - Added the option to render HTML code in topics and replies [html] … [/html].

V 1.0.6 - January 10 2014
    - Some first small improvements.
    - Translate added, .mo/.po files included.

V 1.0.5 - January 09 2014
    - First Release.


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