WP Triggers – Add Instant Interactivity To WP


Use WP Triggers to create Zip Code searches, Choose Your Own Adventure Stories, Promote Musicians / Bands, Virtual Scavenger Hunt, Redirect To A Secret Page and a lot more.  To see some great ideas, checkout the WP Triggers Examples.

What is WP Triggers?

At it’s core, WP Triggers is plugin that makes websites way more interactive.  It lets you pre-populate triggers (ie: “90210” OR “WALTERWHITE”) and an action (ie: display a YouTube video OR redirect the user to a secret URL).  Once your settings are saved it gives you a shortcode to paste on any page/post in your site.  Once a website visitor types in one of your triggers, it performs the action.  It’s simple and full of potential!

WP Triggers is kind of like IFTTT for your website content, essentially it’s an if/then statement:

The interface is incredible simple but powerful.  When adding/editing a Trigger Box you add Triggers on the left and Actions on the right.  You can specify multiple Triggers for one Action, like this:

There are more settings on this page but for now let’s say that you are done editing your Trigger Box, once saved you simply copy and paste the shortcode onto a page/post and visitors can then type in Triggers and (if correct) see the associated action.

The easiest way to see how it works is to login to the demo and check it out:



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