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This is an Adobe Flash Professional CC AS3 Mobile Business Premium Template Application.
This mobile business application template needs minor adjustments, where you only need to replace current demo content with your own content and you are ready to go.

WzTechno Business Mobile App Template

Check out our Demo App:

Android app on Google Play


You do not need to worry about anything. Just email us at info@wztechno.com all the modifications that you need to do for this application with your purchase code and we will do it for you in less than 48 hours. We will email you back an .apk file ready to be uploaded directly to Google play store. The modifications that you may ask for include:

  • Color Modifications
  • Logo Changing
  • Text Changing
  • Pictures Changing
  • Links Changing
  • Contact us Information Changing

Since iOS Apps needs special treatment concerning Certificates for testing and publishing, we will help you through the process till you publish your ipa file and upload it to the App Store.

You can have 2 modifications for each purchase! So you can have 2 Mobile Applications for two different businesses.

Want to do it alone ?

This is a mobile business application template Flash CC based to start on creating your mobile application. You can change the logo and text of all this mobile template application and place your data instead. All color, shapes and tweens can be changed too. The application includes the source code based on Flash CC for you to manipulate, add or change, and we will be always ready to support you with slight modifications in case your knowledge with Flash CC and AS3 is not much. This application is ready out of the box for android but needs a little of modifications to be ready for iOS. It can be used for you tablet and iPad too. You do not have Adobe Flash CC? Worried? You can download Adobe Flash CC trial https://creative.adobe.com/products/flash for 30 days trials which will be more than enough to finish your application. We will Help you and be your support team in any technical question.
WzTechno Business Mobile App Template

WzTechno Business Mobile App Template

WzTechno Business Mobile App Template

Responsive Design

The template is dynamic which means, it changes the width and heigh accordingly to fit in any kind of smart phone. It works perfectly on smart-phones and tablets. Ready for business and corporate who wish to have a mobile application, without building it from scratch, with very professional colors and look.


The application contains a Home Page, Specialties Page, Prices Page, Contact us Page, and Blog Page. With some extra work, which we may help in, you can add as much as you want pages.

Home page

You can place here or edit your text that describes in general what your company is about. The text is scrollable by touch.

Specialties Page

This page will contain 4 buttons that will describe 4 main categories of your business and want to include in your mobile application. Each button will drive you to the subsequent page which contains the relevant information as you wish to describe your business and a relevant picture.

Prices Page

We understand that you prices will vary with time, so we prepared the prices page to directly connect to your prices page on your website, and will load dynamically.

Contact Us Page

Here you can include your phone number and place some included php files in the Zip file on your server, so that people will be able to directly send you an email straight from the application. Contact us to help you set the emailing properly.

Blog page

Here you can connect your blog using XML, especially if your website is a WordPress website, to show your blog dynamically and load from the internet.

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