Your Extended Warranty Program


If you have a car that you’ve been referring to as your “new” car for over a year now, chances are that it’s not quite in pristine condition anymore. But if you are a responsible car owner, a few scratches in the paint and muddy footprints on the carpet are the worst of the wear, because you have been taking your vehicle in for regularly scheduled maintenance.

That is no big deal for the first year or so of the car’s life – after all, you are secure in knowing that your car is still under warranty, so any damage that may pop up won’t be your problem to pay for. But as your car ages, and more things start to go wrong, you may start to fear the end of your manufacturer’s warranty coverage. Thankfully, although that coverage won’t last forever, you can protect your car past that initial coverage, and keep it running like new for years to come.

Despite what your car salesperson might have told you, extended warranty programs are available for your car, even after you drive it off the lot. Most salespeople are given a large commission for selling an extended warranty as part of the initial car purchase, so they will push it quite heavily. Some dealers will even tell you that, should you turn down the extended warranty at this time, that you will not be able to purchase it at a later date. This is false information.

There are plenty of third-party providers on the market who can provide all sorts of extended warranty packages for your almost-new car, and while the costs might prove to be a bit high, they will be less than one major repair to something as complex as a transmission. So you can rest easy for now, but don’t let it go for too long. Cheaper rates are available on extended warranties, as long as you have not let the original warranty completely expire.


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