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This mobile YouTube application enables you to access millions of videos from YouTube. It features a search functionality to be able to search videos by keywords or with a channel username. You can also integrate videos coming from the YouTube featured feed (most popular videos), categories or also from specific playlists.

The app is optimized for the iPhone and iTouch, but also is working on main mobile devices (like Android). It’s powered by jQuery and jQuery Mobile and is based on the latest YouTube API v3.


– Ability to search YouTube videos by keywords.
– Ability to search YouTube channels.
– Display all videos from a specific channel.
– Display YouTube featured videos (most popular videos)
– Display videos from YouTube categories (Sports, Music, People…)
– Display videos from playlists
– Powered by the YouTube API v3
– AJAX more button to load more videos.
– Based on the jQuery Mobile framework
– Runs very well on iPhone, iTouch and other mobile devices.
– Extremely easy to setup.

Check out the demo using your Mobile device !

WordPress version available

Get the WordPress YouTube Plugin


July 2015
– Updated to the latest YouTube API v3
– Updated to the latest jQuery Mobile framework v1.4.5
October 2012
This app has been updated with the latest and stable jQuery Mobile framework. It’s also now supporting the display of playlists, and specific channels that can be called and displayed very easily. It has also been enriched with new standard feeds (recently featured videos, most discussed…) and a time filter can be applied to standard feeds (all time, daily, weekly, monthly).

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