ZqDatagrid – Queryless datagrid


Fully management datagrid that synchronizes information with your database tables, without needing for you to write any SQL line.
Easy to use but still providing flexibility if you need (over 20 parameters).
MySQL natively, and Oracle, PostGres and SQL server via ODBC.
Full-text search feature.
You use formatters to configure columns. Like “WYSIWYG”, “calendar”, “checkbox”, “input”, “file”, etc.
If you want you can use custom formatters too, pointing to your own functions.
8 CSS themes and PSD files included so you can create your own ones.
The action buttons (up, down, delete, etc) can be configured to appear on left or right of grid data.
Special image upload style, so you can easily manage image directly on the datagrid.
Multiple PHP and JS callbacks so you can extend the datagrid behavior to your own needs.

Please contact me for support on bruno.falcao (at) live.com! Will answer ALL emails for sure.

New Features (version 1.3, 01 November 2012):

  • Improved DISPLAY and INPUT formatters!
  • Localization!
  • Some bug corrections detected by users (thanks!)

New Features (version 1.2):

  • WYSIWYG column editor (formatter) !
  • Major code performance optimizations
  • Improved error query control over CRUD operations

New Features (version 1.1):

  • Pagination feature!
  • Code performance optimizations
  • Maximum lines limit option
  • Action links (insert, update, refresh) can be hidden


  • A fully datagrid editor / viewer, where you don’t need to work on SQL queries to synchronize your data to and from the server
  • Works natively with MySQL, and via ODBC with Oracle, PostGreSQL and SQL Server
  • Has a full text search feature
  • Has pagination feature
  • Easy way to configure each column, by using simple formatters instead of HTML code
  • Lots of formatters: input, textarea, radios, checkboxes, image thumbnails, calendars, etc
  • Special formatters, like select-table where you will create a dropdown list directly from a table data
  • Simple way to upload images and to connect them to each line
  • Lightbox type image preview
  • Multi-language support
  • No need to have auto-identity columns to work
  • Optional log mode, where all queries are recorded on a log table
  • Global “where” clause where all data is always filtered by that clause
  • Easy way to filter information by using and setting a FK key
  • Lots of server-side and client-side events (beforeInsert, afterInsert, beforeUpdate, etc)
  • 8 CSS Themes for you to use (and PSD files so you can create your own ones)!
  • Buttons “minus”, “add”, “up” and “down” can be placed on right or left of grid data.


1.3 (November 01, 2012)
* autoRefresh parameter
* Bugs on pagination solved
* "orderBy" parameter now accepts "desc or asc" 
* $ZQ_FK_TABLE : It's now possible to define FK tables with column names different from "id" and "description" 
* Improved "display" formatter: Now has "display|fk|table" will show the respective description value and not the "id" value!
* sleep(1) on update method removed.
* Improved "input" formatter now accepts Twitter bootstrap span format: If you have a "spanX" element it will place it on the class
* Complete label localization!
1.2 (June 16, 2012)
* New WYSIWYG formatter!
* Improved error control over CRUD query operations
* Major code optimizations on performance issues
1.1 (June 03, 2012)
* Minor bug corrections and optimizations
* New features:
  - Pagination feature
  - Max lines limit option
  - You can now hide the action right top section links
1.0 (May 22, 2012)
* First release deployed to CodeCanyon

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